Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem


Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem Sdn Bhd

Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem Sdn Bhd is a technology-centric company that helps organisations digitally transform their businesses by leveraging cutting-edge mobile and online technologies. We have variety of plug-and-play products in digital & lifestyle banking, eReward & loyalty programs, health & wellness, e-marketplace, digital advertising, alerts & notification message center, insurance apps, stockbroker apps, and community systems.

An established platform that offers complete security, including multi-factor authentication, authorization, accountability, encryption and mobile app security. Our platform help relieve organisations of the burden of developing their own applications which will also have to factor in various security measures and risks.

We developed your applications after careful and thorough research of your business model. Innovative lifestyle banking and financial services, power with digital onboarding of users on the platform, enabling the user to instantly transact with the orgination digitally. Our experience provides the protection and support organisations need to grow their businesses and generate better revenue.

Services we provide include :

System Maintenance
  • Customer Application (Mobile, Web, Server Platform)
  • Change Request Services
  • Local Country Application Support services
Consultation & Solutioning
  1. Application Architecture
    • Service Oriented Application
    • Microservices Application
  2. System Architecture
    • On-Premise Solution
    • Cloud Solution
Application Development
  • Package Product Implementation & Customization
  • Bespoke Application Development
Systems Integration


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