Silverlake Cloud Computing Sdn Bhd

As Managed Services Partner we offer our Fintech client the capacity to focus on growth and marketing strategies whilst letting us handle the entire end-to-end support from our proven and industry-recognised suite of banking software, IT Operations, and cloud hosting.

Our capability is experience-driven, with continuous emphasis on creating value outcomes. Delivered with high levels of operational excellence and flexible scalability that leverages specialised skills, processes, and technology, including a growing cohesive partner ecosystem.

Why we’re simply better

SaaS Digital Banking

Our Silverlake SaaS Digital Banking on cloud platform offers Silverlake’s fully functional flagship banking solutions with over 30 years of iterative enhancements able to support banking and Fintech, business models. Supported by an agile and robust host system, whilst powered with a java front end.

Banking on Cloud

The new SaaS Digital Banking on a Cloud landscape relies on the ability for agility, scalability, and speed, and with our SaaS technology and cloud computing options, we generate a platform for the unique needs of our clients with capability flexibility and choice. Fundamentally cloud computing hosting provides the power of growth with economies of scale.

Managed Services

Silverlake provides complete end-to-end deployment, IT Operations, hosting, and business process outsourcing. It’s a true partnership where we align the services to meet your business strategies, and expectations guided by an inclusive service level agreement.

Proven Solutions

We have tried and tested proven solutions that have evolved over 30 years with innovation and richness in functionality providing our clients with a lower-risk implementation. The host design is modular and parameter driven for quick and reliable deployment and making changes is not an imposition.

Partner Ecosystem

Strategic partnerships that provide competence, technology, and innovation in their field of expertise. Together we make fintech available to a wide variety of industries accelerating us towards a more digitised society.