Silverlake Capital Market Solution

Silverlake Capital Market Solution Sdn Bhd

Our work is always focused on achieving complete, well-integrated business outcomes that are aligned closely to our client’s business strategies, business processes, and enabling technologies. At Silverlake Capital Market Solution Sdn Bhd we aim to innovate & digitise solutions for investment banking and capital markets.

Our core system SUBS8 is a web-enabled solution developed to meet the demands of stock broking and investment bank businesses. It’s developed with the customer in mind allowing customisation and personalisation of multiple trading accounts with complex trade charges and service rates matrix. The CRM also provides data analysis; API-based connectivity and multi-currency environment which are crucial in giving the user the edge.

Our system is dynamic allowing it to be customised or configured to run broker operations effectively and efficiently. The core technology platforms enable quicker delivery of solutions to the end customers and reduce development time and costs significantly. The SILVERLAKE Universal Broking System is consistently being updated and upgraded to ensure you have one of the most innovative and efficient products in the market.

Silverlake Capital Market Solution Sdn Bhd

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