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MedexOne Global Sdn. Bhd. is a solution driven technology services Provider Company which focuses on Healthcare Industry. The thrust of the business is primarily on automating primary clinics and mid-size medical centres. Automating the clinics is a vital need for the healthcare industry where in any medical record or paper trial starts from the first contact of the patient towards the health system which is usually the clinic and is considered the first touch point.

The products which we deal with are clinic management solutions, hospital information systems and revenue cycle management. These are front office solution which automate the business processes within the clinic practice and medical centres and achieving a financial closed loop with the payors.

We try to make these practices as paperless as possible, to streamline the physical documentation, and make the processes more efficient and safer, which eventually bring financial and clinical value to the practices.These solution also aid in patient safety by having electronic prescriptions which alert the clinicians on possible allergies and etc.

The applications streamline pharmacy stock inventory and make the procurement more efficient. There are also a multitude of executive or management reports which are churned out by the applications to assist the managers to streamline finances, procurement etc.

Our Mission
To Continuously transform Digital healthcare, highly valued by our customers and partners

Our products consist of :


Application: Clinical Management System
A total clinical information system that help clinics and small and medium size hospital business owner to manage their day to day operations. A product that having clinics install base of 2000++ and about 50++ of Medical Centers throughout all states in Malaysia.

Function and features include in Clinisys are:

  • Dashboard
    • Intuitive dashboard information design with one view to help Clinic understand your business (Sales/Collection) and Patient Analysis (Demographic)
  • Queue Management
    • Auto Queue Calling System with TV or LCD Display integration
    • Patient can book get queue no Phone (Medex Patient Apps integration)
  • Clinical Documentation and Management
    • Consultation & Prescription notes, ICD 10 / 11 Support, Allergy Alert
    • Patient Document Management (Lab, Radiology and Health Report)
    • Referral Letter / Medical Certificate / Time Slip others
    • Statistical Data capture via IOT (Vital Signs and BMI) via Medex Kiosk Health
  • Specialty Modules and functionalities suitable for difference medical discipline usage:
    • PEADS, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology and Dermatology.
  • Patient and Engagement Management
    • Patient Registration (Cash Patient / Corporate patient with self and dependent claims)
    • Event Schedule and Notification
  • Appointment Management
    • Flexible Appointment Slot booking per physician.
    • Appointment Analysis
    • Patient can book appoint via Phone (Medex Patient Apps integration)
  • Pharmacy and Inventory with Purchasing system
    • Full inventory system
    • Support Medication, services, and goods sales charges
  • Billing and Corporate Invoicing
    • Flexible and customizable invoice and receipt based on user need.
    • Auto and Ad-hoc one button corporate invoicing
    • Collection and Debtors Aging Reports
    • Pharmacy and Inventory


Application: Medex Health Information System
A total clinical information system that help clinics and small and medium size hospital business owner to manage their day to day operations.

MHIS is an enhanced Clinisys version, it has all the function and features of Clinisys and able to handle Hospital requirements, With additional modules:

  • In patient and out-patient support
    • Bed Management with charges
    • Discharge functionalities
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Enhance Costing – Support Average Costing method.
  • Auto Dr Fee and Agent Fee Calculation
  • Flexible Operation Flow
    • Patient can send to any department which difference from typical Clinics flow (Registration à Consultation à Dispensary — > Billing)
  • Flexible Billing Policy
  • Enhance Business Analysis Report with gross profit generation.

Medex Clinisys Hybrid Cloud (ClinisysCloud)

Application: Extend Clinisys and MHIS data to Cloud
ClinisysCloud enable group clinic and solo clinic extend their data to cloud, patient information will push to centralized cloud server, that’s enable one patient one record view without an organization.

Features includes:

  • Centralized Patient Management
  • Patient Relationship Management
  • Sales Force (Lead, Prospect, and customer management)
  • Channel communication (sms, email and whatsapp support)
  • Multi branches Dashboard and Reporting
  • End user Dashboard and Reporting designer

ClaimEX (Cloud – SAAS Model)

Application:Claim Information Exchange (RCM: Revenue Cycle management System)
ClaimEX is a comprehensive benefit administration system and claims processing software solution connects healthcare payers or patient and Healthcare provider. A rules-based auto adjudication to automate all aspects of enrolment / eligibility, benefit administration and claim submission, centralized billing, Process Claim and reimburse service providers, Claim Financial Management (Account Payable and Account Receivable) with seamlessly banking settlement integration.

  • Provider Portal
    • Claims registration, submission and review
    • Invoice processing and submission
    • Claims and Financial reports: Invoice Listing, Statement of Account,
    • Debtor Ledger and Aged Receivable
    • Other reports: MC Analysis and Revenue Analysis
  • Corporate Portal
    • Online real time view of patient registration and claim submission details
    • Online Medical Invoice Payment and Settlement
    • Self Service Employee Administration: Employee Status maintenance (New Hiring, resign and termination), Employee Data Maintenance, Changes of grade and benefit entitlement
    • Medical related analysis, MC analysis, diagnosis analysis,health care provider KPI analysis
    • Financial Reports: Aged Payable analysis, invoice inquiry, Statement of Account
    • Productivity Reports: Patient Analysis, MC by Providers, MC by Division, MC by Grade, Medical Spending Reports
  • Administrative Portal
    • Corporate Maintenance
    • Member / Employee Maintenance: Basic info, grading and dependent information
    • Corporate hierarchy definition
    • Corporate / Provider network (Corporate to eligible Healthcare providers services mapping)
    • Benefit Plan Maintenance: outpatient, rule-based benefit plan administration
    • Billing: Invoice Consolidation, Invoice Maintenance, CN and DN
    • Collection: Payment collection facilitates knockoff against claimable bill from invoice to itemized billing item line level.
    • Disbursement, Banking Settlement and Reconciliation (Silverpay)
    • Credit Control Management: Account receivable, payable and credit control
    • Financial Reports

Medex Web Inventory System (Cloud – SAAS Model)

Application:Centralized Cloud Inventory Management System for Clinics (Clinisys) and Hospital (MHIS)
A centralized web inventory system that manage inventory across on premises practice management system (Clinisys) and Hospital Management System (MHIS).

  • Function and features
    • Centralized Stock Inventory Ordering and Delivery System
    • Centrally Monitored Branches’ stock level and stock movements
    • Online stock replenishment request and delivery approval
    • Centrally controlled product information and pricing details
    • Standardized Stock Details
    • Comprehensive Stock Inventory Control functions
    • Purchase Orders, Goods Receiving, Stock Transfer, Stock Count and Adjustment
    • Standardized stock selling prices across other Medex products

Medex Patient Apps

Application:Patients Mobile Apps (IOS and Android)
A consumer base mobile application that helps patient to conveniently and timely to access to health care services via phone. MedexPatientApp is seamlessly integrated to on premises Practice Management and Hospital Information System.

  • Basic Function and features
    • Clinic info such as services provided, business hour and etc
    • Search Doctors and healthcare facilities near to your location
    • Doctor Appointment Booking via mobile
    • Request Queue number and monitoring queue status monitoring
    • Standardized Stock Details
    • Waiting time estimation
    • Message management eg: manually send / trigger push notification to patient in waiting Queue. Event Management, send reminder
  • For ClaimEX: Employee Benefit
    • Employer information
    • Employee and dependent information
    • Benefit Eligibility, entitlement and coverage information
    • Claim History Inquiry
    • Form download
    • Users / Patients can upload and share health related documents online (with proper authentication)

Medex KIOSK (Health Measurement with Registration Solution)

Solution: One Stop Health Measurement Device with auto registration function.
Medex KIOSK is MedexOne answer to the IOT (Internet of Things). Our Medex KIOSK Solution provides one stop registration with health measurement capturing of height, weight, BMI, temperature, Blood Pressure and Oxygen levels. The measure data are made available via integration to be able to view in Clinisys and MHIS.

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