About Silverlake

We create technologies to enable the digital economy

Silverlake, a global provider of IT solutions, is dedicated to delivering exceptional and cutting-edge solutions that cater to the requirements of various industries including Banking & Finance, Airline, Utility, and Retail on a worldwide scale.

Our commitment to excellence is derived from our adherence to the principle of “Symmetry and Group Theory” and is reflected in every aspect of our operations, including systems design, development, implementation, integration, consultation and support services.

Over the years, we have focused on introducing innovative solutions, incorporating reliable technologies and partnering with complementary organizations to fulfill the evolving needs of our esteemed clientele. Our customer base comprises of industry leaders in the sectors that we serve. Our solutions empower these organizations to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and provide them with a robust platform to meet future business challenges.

Founded in 1989, THE SILVERLAKE GROUP is a software organisation that delivers leading-edge tech and financial solutions.

At twenty years old, we have already been the banking solutions provider for 40% of the 20 largest banks in South East Asia.

Today, at thirty, we are the partner of choice for 3 of the 5 largest ASEAN regional financial institutions; our core systems platform is deeply integrated with their operations.

Here is where Silverlake would play a prominent partnership role where the client focuses solely on growth strategy and marketing whilst letting us handle the end-to-end managed services.

As the Managed Services Partner, we would be committed to the clients we serve and leverage a world-class combination of process excellence, domain expertise, global delivery, and technology.

A total Managed Service that is essentially a “pay as you use” model with a portfolio baseline. Silverlake provides complete end-to-end IT operations and hosting including business consultancies based on SaaS , PaaS, IaaS, and Business Process Outsource.

This OPEX model frees the client from the need for upfront investment in CAPEX, including any licenses.

Silverlake banking solutions are delivering operational excellence and enabling business transformations at more than 380 clients in over 80 countries across Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.

Extrapolated across borders

To Be The World’s Leading Fintech Company, High Valued by Our Customers and Partners