vTreasure provides a workflow and event driven treasury business process which is fully integrated with Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS).

It offers wide product coverage of standard financial instruments for the money market, forex and fixed income securities trading to address the complete treasury and investment management requirements of banks and financial institutions.

Starting from transaction initiation all the way through to the accounting entries with its front, middle and back office modules, it incorporates comprehensive risk management capabilities and reporting, which aims to provide a complete solution for effective treasury management.

Money Market

vTreasure delivers:

  1. Front, Middle and Back Office Treasury operation;
  2. STP for SWIFT message generation such as MT320, MT300 and MT202;
  3. Complete transaction lifecycle management;
  4. Limits monitoring capabilities and counterparty risk management;
  5. Settlements;
  6. Bank-wide, real-time Nostro and FX Positions for daily cash management;
  7. Automated and comprehensive accounting and reporting, adaptable to meet local needs where necessary;
  8. Audit trails;
  9. User definable and comprehensive parameters.

Integration With Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS)

vTreasure was designed to integrate seamlessly with SIBS in the following areas:

  1. Integration of the CIF module;
  2. Integration of the General Ledger module;
  3. Integration to Customer's Current Account via direct debit/credit;
  4. Integration to facilitate bank-wide real-time Nostro Account position;
  5. Integration to facilitate bank-wide real-time FX position.