Silverlake Investments and Capital Market Solutions offers products to capital market customers covering stockbrokers, investment banks, asset managers, unit trust and trustee companies.

Our solutions deploy highly automated methods, straight-through processing, multi-product, multi-currency, multi-market, standards compliant and high degree of interconnectivity. Each solution can be customised to the individual customer management and operational needs as we believe that each customer is different and unique. Each of our application core frameworks adopts best-practice methods and algorithms thus allowing our customers to take advantage of best management and operational approaches.

Silverlake Universal Broking System (SUBS)
The Silverlake Universal Broking System caters for stockbroking back office operations, product development, share margin processing, nominees and custodian, customer and bank settlement, reconciliation, general ledger accounting, reporting and risk management functions.

Capital 1Silverlake Universal Broking System (SUBS)

Portfolio Management System (netPMS)
netPMS meets the needs of asset managers, unit trust companies and trustee companies. The solution ensures that investments are within the parameters set in the portfolio mandate and compliant to the fund's objectives. The system also automatically produces the performance of the funds to be submitted to public, regulators and clients. The unique feature of this system is its process-driven architecture where obligations and compliance violations of fund mandates are automatically tracked and alerted to users.

The wide range of instruments ranges featured covers equities, futures, repos, collective investments, DCD, bonds and structured products. Reports can be generated into a number of formats such as web, PDF and Excel.

Capital 2Portfolio Management System (netPMS)

Brokers Business Analytics (SBA)
SBA is a broker business analytics tool designed to spot trends, perform analysis and analyse exposures using high volume of data from BOS systems. The system comes with easy-to-use finance, customer and risk models. Each model provides a specific viewpoint with an insight of dimensions and measures. SBA comes with a highly flexible web-based 'slice and dice' tool, which can be manipulated to show different perspectives of the business.

Capital 3Brokers Business Analytics (SBA)

Brokers Risk Management System (SRMS)
SRMS is a modular risk management application designed to assist investment banks, stockbrokers and financial institutions to mitigate credit and market risks. With built-in API for XML, SRMS is integratable with Order Management, Back Office and Market Data Systems to provide online and mark-to-market information.

The Limit Management module provides multi-level trading limit management and filtering engine with ExCxT model to manage and control trading limits for multiple exchanges, markets, products and currencies that can facilitate centralise-controlled environments to meet the demands of global trading. The Credit Management module provides credit management features to help credit controllers or risk managers monitor and manage risks associated with their clients and investments.