SDE.Workflow has been developed to enable business solutions in fast-changing environments where the need is for business users to have a controlled process flow over key business processes.

The features and functions of SDE.Workflow are:

  1. Workflow definition at atomic (activity) and model (process) levels;
  2. Multiple workflow patterns (simple, branch, parallel);
  3. Custom-defined rules to enable complex workflows;
  4. Flexible task assignment (next available, round-robin, based on specific rules);
  5. Self-documenting and on-demand documentation;
  6. Task escalation and Alerts;
  7. Real-time monitoring allows resource usage and operational data to be viewed in real-time.

SDE.Workflow has been used to provide business solutions in the areas of Administration (Finance and Human Resource processing) and managing the development lifecycle of software within Silverlake.

SDE.Data and SDE.Workflow

SDE Data