Silverlake Digital Economy Operating System (SDE.OS)


In the last decade, the digitalisation of economic functions has penetrated all traditional businesses and fundamentally changed the way business is done.


Leading to today’s frontier in cyberspace is the amalgamation of traditionally separate economic spaces within an enterprise, across enterprises and across industries.

This creation of value through collaboration, integration and harnessing of the collective will drive the evolution of the Digital Economy. New economic spaces will be formed while traditional one fade in cyberspace. Within this commercial backdrop, software systems need to adapt to the new driving forces. New challenges for software systems require new methods.

Silverlake has addressed this unfolding situation through its software product SDE.OS – a system software that enables all manner of business applications to partake in the Digital Economy. SDE.OS contains Silverlake's technology which addresses the single most important factor in the Digital Economy – creating value out of any collective consistently, methodically and in sustainable manner.

Fundamental to harnessing collectives for economic value in the Digital Economy is solving the problem of complexity in systems due to simple permutation of the number of distinct elements in the collective. Systems are knowledge-based; permutations give rise to aggregated knowledge, a situation which lacks a formal method in our traditional way of working with systems. In fact, our traditional methods are clearly unable to deal with the complexities that come with such system permutations and their different knowledge base.

SIlverlake's SDE.OS addresses this fundamental by removing the need for traditional methods, and introducing a completely new means for working with collective knowledge – transcending the single biggest challenge most commercial Digital Economy initiatives face.