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SDE.OS. Payments is an enterprise payment processing infrastructure that covers a broad range of activities in banks – customer services through delivery channels (including branches) complete with product administration, extensive application development support, IT operations, management/control at all levels and inter-operation with other core business functions.

SDE.OS Payments

SDE.OS Payments’ multi-channels for incoming and outgoing payment transactions standardises payment processing. It also has the flexibility to support a variety of products and servies and reduces human intervention by achieving maximum Straight-Through-Processing (STP) for payments across multiple channels between financial institutions.

Special facilities for Message Investigation and Repair prevent errors or inconsistencies in payment or fund transfer messages, which often hinder smooth and complete STP. SDE.OS Payments also include Message Construction, Interpretation, Pe-settlement Matching, Processing, and Payment Item Monitoring / Tracking. Using SDE.OS as its underlying integration technology, SDE.OS Payments inherits all the benefits of advanced integration methods and integrated application management. Through well-defined enforceable methods that provide a means to maintain and manage complex systems, SDE.OS protects investments and increases business agility.

SDE.OS - Payments

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