Mobility.OS bridges mobile networks and enterprise back-end systems using internet-based middleware technology, which acts as a unified mediation gateway, command and control platform and an enabler that simplifies the delivery of mobility services to the mobile phone user.

Mobility.OS for a Bank

Mobility.OS1Mobility.OS for a Bank

In the absence of complex and costly silos or point-to-point implementations, Mobility.OS solutions enable transactions and the flow of information between the mobile phone user and enterprise to be fast and consistent.

Mobility.OS acts as a common platform that caters to a diverse set of mobile applications as well as enterprise back-end systems. Four key stakeholders are identified in the mobile internet services value chain:

  1. The Mobile Phone User who uses the service;
  2. The Service Provider who provides the service;
  3. Mobility.OS that integrates, aggregates, connects and enables mobility services as well as bridges the divide between mobile phone users and enterprises; and
  4. The Enterprise that provides the service.

Mobility.OS is designed based on a 3-tier service framework:

  1. The Mobile Network that provides the connection to the mobile phone user;
  2. Mobility.OS that acts as a bridge between the Mobile Network and the Enterprise; and
  3. The Enterprise that provides back-end systems and services.

Mobility.OS for a Bank

Mobility.OS2Mobility.OS for a Bank