Sde.Data has been developed to enable business solutions in fast-changing environments here. Complex and changing data needs to be extracted, verified, processed and presented.

The features and functions of SDE.Data are:

  1. Data validation, where data is invalid or missing during the system integration lifecycle;
  2. Visual traceability to enable identification of data errors and bottlenecks end-to-end;
  3. Custom-defined rules that validate the data extracted or manipulated;
  4. Notifications that are sent to the relevant parties for corrective actions;
  5. Extraction of data from multiple sources into multiple destinations; and
  6. Rule-based feature allows data to be processed according to user-defined conditions.

SDE.Data has been used to provide business solutions in the areas of:

  1. Web traffic analysis
  2. Basel III reporting
  3. KPI reporting
  4. Financial reconciliation

SDE.Data and SDE.Workflow

SDE Data