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Kuala Lumpur, 8 May 2019 –Silverlake MasterSAM (“Silverlake”), the banking and security expert,  today announced the launch of Silverlake Appliance (SIA) X-300 PAM, the first appliance developed based on Intel technology, a new cyber security line that combines best of both technology to bring unprecedented level of “edge-to-cloud” and datacentre security for its customers. 

The end-to-end PAM solution provides hardened security for its PAM technology stack to help protect against cyber threats while providing more consistent service performance and is ideal for small mid and large sized customers and partners operating in multiple verticals. Silverlake X-300 PAM delivers Silverlake’s products, services, support and maintenance. All-in-one.

Goh Peng Ooi, Founder and Group Executive Chairman of Silverlake Group shares, “The collaboration with Intel is an exciting step in line with our commitment to provide our clients with forward-looking solutions to ensure they remain competitive and efficient. We have always focused on generating value for our customers and we believe SIA will transform the way businesses operate.”

“Organizations have not been able to keep pace with the drastically steep increase in security risks and data breaches. Fragmentation of security offerings, hacker sophistication and industrialisation of hacking; and the expansion of attack surfaces through billions of connected devices have increased the risk gradient that companies are exposed to. In January 2019 alone, 2.176 billion user records were leaked.

Today with SIA, we have shifted the focus towards enabling technology to meet these challenges. With Intel’s software and hardware technologies, Silverlake’s technology stack designed for PAM, will form an all-new and powerful cyber security PAM product line (SIA) that will be the foundation for our customers to reduce their companies’ cyber security risks,” he explains further.

SIA X-300 PAM is a robust PAM solution that is powered by advanced Intel Xeon Scalable platform and Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology that can fully automate provisioning and de-provisioning process, giving IT full power over the access rights of employees, partners, contractors, vendors, and guests. This not only speeds up the enforcement process but helps eliminate human error. The scalable and modular architecture of SIA will ensure businesses can mitigate cyber threats with more deterministic performance and efficient cost containment. It also reduces the trusted computing base (TCB) to the smallest possible footprint, prevents memory bus snooping, memory tampering, and “cold boot” attacks against memory images in RAM; provides hardware-based attestation capabilities to measure and verify valid code, data signatures, and the TCB.

“The appliance creates a hardware protected container for apps to protect secrets at run time and at rest. This means secrets remain protected even when attackers have full control of the platform. So even if an attack happens, our customers’ data remains safe. It can be tailored to the customers’ needs and features flexible simplified configuration and maintenance,” shares Goh.

With the introduction of 2nd-Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors comes Intel SGX which was designed to help create more secure environments without having to trust the integrity of all the layers of the system. The technology isolates specific application code and data to run in private regions of memory, or enclaves.  It ensures security at every layer. It provides a safe place for code and data in the application. With this, undetected malicious software cannot access secrets. It utilizes a small amount of CPU memory to protect sensitive application information and ensures physical attack protection (via Application isolation). Combining SGX with another technology called Secure Device Onboarding (SDO) that automatically provisions and secures the connectivity to the very edge (sensors), SIA will deliver an unprecedented edge-to-cloud security for mission critical used cases in industrial banking, retail and other sectors.

Santhosh Viswanathan, General Manager of Intel APJ shares, “Our collaboration with Silverlake demonstrated our continued efforts in helping businesses to realign its IT investments, manage risks, improve service and yet contain costs. Working closely with the ecosystem, we are looking to bring more solutions designed to scale and accelerate the adoption of hardware-enabled security across data center, cloud, network and edge”

SIA X-300 PAM is the first of many collaborative solutions between Silverlake and Intel. In the future the solution will expand to areas such as Data Security/Identity Management, IOT, Analytics & Deep learning and Hybrid cloud, that addresses multiple aspects of the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape.

SIA X-300 PAM features include:

Business Facilitation

- Mergers and Acquisitions impact organizational technology strategies

Technology and regulatory challenges due to globalization initiatives

 Risk Management

- No single view exists of the organization’s control, security and privacy requirements and operating framework

Challenges in responding and addressing audit and regulatory issues

 Cost Containment

Cost cutting measures cause difficulty in maintaining current performance levels and SLAs

Increased management skepticism associated with IT spending


Changes in existing regulations and increase in new regulations are creating compliance challenges

Cross-boundary regulatory needs are causing the organizations to rethink compliance strategies

 Operational Efficiency

-  There is a need to manage use accounts and passwords centrally to reduce operational overheads

Organizations have issues with respect provisioning access to users in a timely fashion to increase productivity


“With this collaboration, we now have a highly secured system that has the best of technologies from Silverlake and Intel - all in one platform – delivering the best value for our customer. We strongly believe in co-successes and the importance of collaboration. We believe our partnership will drive synergy and amplify opportunities to co-create more value for our customers,” ends Goh. 

To accelerate the general availability of the solution, Intel and Silverlake (under Intel IOTG) will package the collective building blocks into a market ready solution (MRS) in collaboration with key hardware vendors (ODM/OEM) within Intel’s ecosystem. Following this Soft Launch, the Full Launch (GA) is targeted in Q3’2019.

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