Silverlake is dedicated to Economic, Scientific and Organisational Excellence to create and generate value for our customers, employees and shareholders. For the achievement of enduring and positive economic outcomes, it is critical to have a very clear end in mind. With the help of scientific methods and the right mix of people, it is possible to achieve better and sustainable economic performance for our stakeholders.

In order to ensure we are able to ‘do exactly what we say‘ and ‘say exactly what we do‘, we need a powerful method because our brain is the wildest roaming monster. Even the best mathematician could not consistently ‘construct‘ a proof or an argument seamlessly without any paradox or gap. This ‘construction problem‘ is most rampant in the Software Industry, where marketing, engineering and science weave themselves into a space that even the most advanced scientific and mathematical minds are unable to consistently and accurately describe. This leads to problems in organising and executing large scale software development, and implementing it effectively. Software failures continue to be a persistent industry problem that has defied solution despite the enormous expenditure of resources. The high software failure rate (between 66% to 84% according to Standish Chaos Reports) highlights the significant economic wastages that can be avoided if the industry is able to address the root cause of the problem.

In addressing this problem, Silverlake subscribes to ”Symmetry”, Or “Category Theory and Group Theory“ as our raison d'être. Category Theory and Group Theory is the culmination of the works of scientific and mathematical geniuses for the last two hundred years on how we organise our thoughts. As the great Sir Isaac Newton once said, “… if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants“. We have applied “Category And Group Theory“ to the economy, science and organisation of people and software since we were formed. The algebraic structures discovered through “Category And Group Theory“ have been an extremely sound and efficacious foundation for Silverlake‘s success.

We recommend you to read the following three books to gain a better understanding of the relationship of “Symmetry, Category and Group Theory“ and its application to the real world of economy, science and organisation.

  • Symmetry and the Monster, by Mark Ronan, Oxford University Press
  • Symmetry and the Beautiful Universe, by Leon Lederman, Prometheus Books
  • Topoi, The Categorial Analysis Of Logic, Dover Publication

Silverlake is honoured to have contributed to the success of our customers who are leaders in the markets they serve and known for their products and services innovation and operational excellence. We have partnered with premier regional banks in successful business transformations.

Our motto of “making repeated returns through creative and quality problem solving“ will drive us to replicate our track record of success for our growing customer base, ensuring continuing value creation and generation for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Goh Peng Ooi
Chairman of Silverlake